Investments For Children
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Children’s Investments

There are many options for parents who are looking for Children’s Investments.
The most common way parents save towards their Child’s future is to open a
Children’s Savings Account but over the long to medium term, these basic cash accounts can pay a poor return on your investment when compared to longer term Children’s Investments such as Child Trust Funds and the Junior ISA.

Junior ISA

With the Junior ISA, the funds are locked away until the child reaches 18 which means that the money remains safe and parents cannot dip into the funds should they experience financial difficulties.

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Child Trust Fund

The Child Trust Fund or CTF offers tax free savings for children. Dependent upon the provider, your money will be invested in a large fund along with many other investors to try and achieve a maximum return.

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Child Savings Account

The simple and easy way to save money for your child. Compare the Best Childrens Savings Accounts from many of the leading providers using our comparison table.

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Child Unit Trusts

Child unit trusts are stockmarket based investments and should be regarded as a medium to long term investment. There is no upper limit and friends, family, grandparents
etc can contribute.

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