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Investments For Children - FAQ’s

Here we answer many of our frequently asked questions regarding Children’s Investments.

Please note that our site is for informational purposes only and we do not offer advice or make any specific recommendations.

If you are at all ever unsure towards any financial services or products including investments then we strongly recommend that you seek fully independent financial advice.

I have a lump sum of money to invest for my child, Where should I invest it?
We can’t tell you where you should put your money, That’s for you to decide. There are many different investment options for children and you can compare many of them including
Junior ISAs on our website. If you are still unsure which investment is right for you then we recommend that you speak to an independent financial advisor.

My Child has a Child Trust Fund, are they eligible for a Junior ISA?
Any child who holds a
Child Trust Fund is not eligible for the new Junior ISA.

Can I transfer my child’s CTF (Child Trust Fund) into a Junior ISA Account?
No is the quick answer we’re afraid. Whilst the government have announced that they have no immediate plans to allow the transfer of CTF’s to Junior ISAs or a merger of the two products, we are hoping that they will change their minds sometime in the near future.
Please visit our
Transfer Child Trust Fund section for further details.

Can I open a Junior ISA for my grandchild?
Only the parents or legal guardians of the child may open a Junior ISA for the child. Once the account is open, anyone can pay into it including grandparents, friends and other family members.

Which Children’s Savings Accounts offer the best interest rates?
Child savings account providers are always changing their interest rates. Please see our
Best Childrens Savings Accounts section to compare interest rates.


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