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Junior ISA Regulations

The Junior Individual Savings Account provides a tax efficient savings platform to help build a nest egg for when your child reaches adulthood. This can be used to help pay for their university fees, their first car, gap year or even help provide a deposit for their first home.

Junior ISAs are the replacement for the now redundant Child Trust Funds and all children who currently have a CTF are not permitted to transfer it to a Junior ISA.

Here are the Junior ISA Regulations.

  • Any child who was not eligible for the Child Trust Fund including children born on or after the 3rd Jan 2011 or children under the age of 18 who where born before Sept 2002 are eligible for the Junior ISA.

  • A Junior ISA account can only be opened by the parent or legal guardian of the child.
  • Anyone can contribute and pay into the Junior ISA Account including Grandparents, Parents, Family & Friends making them a popular choice for Childrens Investments.
  • Access to the funds can only be made by the Child when they reach 18. This is to prevent parents from dipping into the money. Once the child reaches 16 years of age, they can manage the account themselves and transfer to another provider should they wish.
  • Unlike the Child Trust Fund, there will be no contributions from the government towards the Junior ISA.
  • Current maximum annual investment limit is £3720.
  • Children can hold both a stocks and shares junior isa as well as a cash junior isa but the total combined maximum annual investment limit is £3720.
  • You can transfer the Junior ISA between different providers.
  • Once the child is 18 years old the Junior ISA automatically switches to a regular ISA account. This enables the child to continue saving tax free should they wish.
  • Currently, any child who holds a Child Trust Fund can not transfer it to a Junior ISA.

    Junior ISA Providers (investment / stocks and shares)


    Junior ISA






    Childrens ISA Ltd

    1.5% Annual
    management fee

    £10 p/m via direct debit or £10 lump sum initial investment

    + The funds are managed by Prudential who are one of the UK’s largest, well known and trusted fund managers.
    + Hold different funds within the one account to
    help reduce the level risk.
    + One of the UK’s leading Online Junior ISA Providers

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    JP Morgan Junior ISA

    Variable (per deal)
    with no annual management fee & initial fee’s

    £100 lump sum
    or £50 per month

    + No management & initial fee’s
    + Large, well established global investment provider
    + Wide choice of funds to invest your money into
    + Apply and manage your account easily online

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    Scottish Friendly Junior ISA

    1.5% Annual
    management fee

    £10 p/m via direct debit or £50 lump sum initial investment

    + Low annual management fees
    + One of the UKs leading friendly societies established in 1862
    + Managing in excess of £750million worth of funds (as at 31/12/2011) with over a million policy holders
    + Quick & simple online application process

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    Tax Free Junior ISA

    1.5% Annual
    management fee

    £10 p/m via direct debit or £10 lump sum initial investment

    + Mix and match funds to reduce your level risk.
    + Sharia and Ethical Options available.

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