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Children’s Investment Junior ISAs

Junior ISA





One Family Junior ISA

£10 p/m via direct debit or £10 lump sum initial investment

AApply online & set up a Direct Debit & receive either £10 or £30 Amazon or Boots vouchers
Boots and Amazon vouchers

MoneyFacts Awards Winner 2014+ Winner of the 2014 MoneyFacts Award for the best Junior ISA provider (Awarded to Family Investments in 2014. OneFamily was established following a merger between Family Investments and Engage Mutual)
+ Parents, family and friends can all contribute.
+ You can manage your account online or UK based call centre

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Shepherds Friendly

£10 p/m via direct debit or £100 lump sum initial investment

 A love2Shop gift card worth up to £30
Free Love2Shop gift card worth up to £30

+ Mutual Friendly Society established in 1826
+ Quick & simple online application process
+ Grandparents, friends & family can contribute
+ Free ‘Love to shop’ vouchers worth £30

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Scottish Friendly Junior ISA

£10 p/m via direct debit or £50 lump sum initial investment


+ Low annual management fees
+ One of the UKs leading friendly societies established in 1862
+ Managing in excess of £750million worth of funds (as at 31/12/2011) with over a million policy holders
+ Quick & simple online application process

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Childrens ISA Ltd

£10 p/m via direct debit or £10 lump sum initial investment


+ Your money goes into the prudential isa funds who are one of the UK’s largest, well known and trusted fund managers.
+ Hold different funds within the one account to
help reduce the level of risk.
+ One of the UK’s leading Online Junior ISA Providers

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JP Morgan Junior ISA

£100 lump sum
or £50 per month


+ No management & initial fee’s
+ Large, well established global investment provider
+ Wide choice of funds to invest your money into
+ Apply and manage your account easily online

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Child ISA

£10 p/m via direct debit or £10 lump sum initial investment


+ Experienced Children’s Investment Provider.
+ Low minimum investment requirement.
+ Choose from Adventurous, Balanced & Cautious funds.

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Red Rose Assurance

£10 p/m via direct debit or £10 lump sum initial investment


+ Long established mutual society
+ Invests in a mix of assets including stocks &
shares, property, gilts, bonds and cash

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Tax Free Junior ISA

£10 p/m via direct debit or £10 lump sum initial investment


+ Mix and match funds to reduce your level risk.
+ Sharia and Ethical Options available.

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The Children's ISA Ltd
Sharia / Islamic

£10 lump sum
or £10 per month


+ Fully compliant with Sharia law
+ Inline with the Islamic Investment Guidelines
+ Funds are managed by Aberdeen Asset Management

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The Children's ISA Ltd

£10 per month
or £10 per month


+ Socially responsible investing
+ One of the first to market providers
- Whole investment goes into a single fund

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Investments For Children

In today’s current financial climate, saving up for our Children’s future has never been more important.

Long term investments are a great way to build up a nice little nest egg for your child which could help pay towards expensive and ever increasing university fee’s. It could even help go towards a deposit on their first home.

There are many ways in which you can help save towards your child’s future such as comparing the Best Children’s Savings Accounts or investments such as the new
Junior ISA and Children’s Unit Trusts.

Here at Investments For Children, we list many of the UK’s leading Child Investment Providers and their products including Family Investments, The Children’s ISA Ltd, Junior ISA Providers .org, Child ISA and many more.

If your looking for a longer term investment for your child then you might consider the Junior ISA (Junior Individual Savings Account) which keeps the money safely locked away until the child reaches 18 years of age.

There are two types of
Junior ISAs which are a Junior Cash ISA and The Stocks & Shares Junior ISA.

A Cash Junior ISA is very much like a regular savings account with which you hold cash in.

A Stocks and Shares Junior ISA is a savings account with which you hold investments such as stocks and shares, government bonds, gilts, corporate bonds and more.

We list the top five stocks and shares Junior ISAs for you to compare. This way you can determine which product suits your savings needs and help find the Best Junior ISA for your requirements.

Junior ISA

The new Junior ISA Account is a great way to invest in your child’s future.
We compare the top ten Children’s ISAs from many of the UK’s leading Junior ISA providers to help you choose the most suitable accounts.

Click here for further details and to compare the top Junior ISAs

Stuck With a Child Trust Fund?

With the Child Trust Fund now replaced by the Junior ISA, many parents are finding that they are stuck with an inferior investment. We have details on how to transfer your Child Trust Fund To a Junior ISA.

Details on how to transfer a Child Trust Fund to a Junior ISA

Childrens Savings Accounts

Many parents are just looking for a simple way to save for their children such as a child savings account. We compare the Best Childrens Savings Accounts from many of the leading providers.

Compare the Best Children's Savings Accounts

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